Best walkie talkies for forest photographers

As a Forest Photographer, which walkie talkie you used now?  When you and your team went into the forest to get some photoshoots, communication is so important. If you have an assistant or need communication with others, walkie-talkies are a great way to quickly get a response.

So how do choose the best walkie-talkies for Forest photographers?

When choosing equipment, photographers always choose the best and right one. They don’t want to carry a walkie-talkie that’s not useful. Also because they need to take lots of heavy equipment into the forest, so usually they will choose lightweight walkie-talkies.

So when you go to Forest Photography, you should consider these features of two-way radios

1, License-free or not

When you looking for walkie-talkies, you will find there are license-free and other radios. License-free means you don’t need the license to use the radio. As the Forest Photographer or Photographer, they don’t have time to apply for the license for two-way radios, so license-free will be the best choice.

2,  Communication Range

Usually, your partners will not far away from you. So the range around 1-3 km will meet your requirements. Usually, the license-free radio will meet your requirements, these radios with the lower power can reach your partners when you want to talk with them.

3,  Waterproof or not

For Forest Photographers, take photos outdoor is common. It’s best to use waterproofing equipment. Now in the market, there are lots of waterproof or water-resistance two-way radios.

4, Other functions like VOX

VOX means hands-free. Usually, you need to press the PTT button to send calls to others. When your hands are busy, active your radio’s vox. Then you can talk with others without pressing any buttons.


To help you find the best walkie-talkies, here we list some models for photographers.

Retevis RT45

As the entry-level outdoor two-way radio, Retevis RT45 is a reliable choice for photography. It has the FRS/pmr446 band license-free radios. Also, you don’t need to program them. You can use them directly out of the package.

Another reason, no need for the computer to program your RT45. You can active the features by its menu button.


Retevis RT49P

A waterproof IP67 and floats license-free radio, Retevis RT49P is the best choice when you want waterproof radios. Another one is the color. It has the brightly color green. When you suddenly lost your radios in the forest, it is very easy to help you find them.

This model also can be activated the features by its keypad.


Retevis RT22

If you don’t need the waterproof, and just want to find a lightweight and mini two-way radio. RT22 will be the best choice. Retevis RT22 is a license-free radio. Very suitable for those Photographers to carry it into the forest.

No matter which model you choose, two-way radios help you stay in touch. They are helpful outdoor.


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