Bluetooth Headset and Adapter for Walkie talkies

Bluetooth Headset and Adapter for Walkie talkies. If  you are looking for the bluetooth headset for your handheld radios. Please check Retevis EEK013

Retevis EEK013 is the bluetooth set, it includes the bluetooth headset, the wireless adapter, and the wireless PTT. Like the below picture

This bluetooth set can be used for the handheld radio with the kenwood 2pin connector.

And it is very easy to use.

1, Plug the adapter into your radio headset connector.

2, Then Turn on your radio and this adpter.

3, Turn on your Bluetooth headset. it will pair.

4, turn on the wireless PTT.  Press the button on the Adapter to connect with the Wireless PTT.

Then you can press the wireless PTT to talk with others.


Where to use this?

1, Outdoor

When you go outdoor for biking or hiking, you can use this bluetooth to help you. Install the PTT On the handlebars, and wear the bluetooth headset.  When you want to talk with others, just press the PTT on your handle bars. Then you can talk.

2, Driving

If you still haven’t got the mobile radio for your car,  you can consider this bluetooth set. Put the Ptt on your wheel, when you want to talk with others, just press it. Easy

3, Others

This bluetooth set can help you to make call with your partners or workers easily and quickly. So if you don’t want to press the Radio PTT button all the time, and you want to make your hands free, you can consider this model.

Where to order?

It is very easy to order from our website, click Buy It Now

And This Bluetooth Headset and Adapter for Walkie talkies only fit for the 2pin kenwood connectors. If you don’t know if this part can fit for your radio, please email us first.


Any questions, please leave comments below or contact us by email:

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  1. Brittney Medina

    Can this wireless adaptor connect to any Bluetooth headset? Such as Apple AirPods?

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