Bluetooth walkie talkies for skiing

Bluetooth Walkie Talkie for your Skiing

Bluetooth walkie-talkie is a normal walkie-talkie that has a Bluetooth function. You can easily connect with your wireless Bluetooth headset or earpieces. And you can talk to others with your Bluetooth headset.

The walkie-talkies are built-in Bluetooth, when turn on the radio, press the right button to pair with your Bluetooth headset.  Usually, the distance between radios and Bluetooth headsets is around 10m. So sometimes, if you don’t want to carry the walkie-talkie, you can put it within 10m, then wear the Bluetooth earpieces,  you can keep in touch with others.

Now Walkie talkies are widely used in skiing, no matter family skiing or team outdoor skiing. if you still don’t have a walkie talkie for skiing, hope this blog will help you

Why Should You Get a Walkie Talkie for Skiing

Skiing can be a rather dangerous activity, so it makes sense to carry handheld walkie-talkies with you. Two-way radios offer reliable and instant communication when skiing.

In skiing resorts or mountainous skiing, signal coverage can be patchy. So using the smartphone is not the right choice.  When skiing, if you want to operate your smartphone, you need to take off the gloves. But operate the walkie-talkies without taking off the gloves.


Lots of walkie-talkies with big buttons or without many buttons. No need to do more operations, just press the side PTT button, you can talk with others.

So it will be better to choose a walkie-talkie for skiing.

Choose Bluetooth Walkie talkies

If you’re tired of wired headphones, Bluetooth Headset will be a good choice. So when you want to use the Bluetooth Headset,  you need to make sure your walkie talkies with the Bluetooth function or not.

Here I will introduce Retevis Bluetooth Walkie talkies for you

Retevis RB37

Retevis RB37 is the Bluetooth Walkie talkie, also the long-range long standby two-way radio. It designs with black color, without buttons on its front, high capacity with a 2000mAh battery also supports the Type-C rechargeable battery and charger cable. Another important thing: It is the license-free Bluetooth Walkie-talkie.

FRS, choose RB37, and PMR446. choose RB637.

RB37 can be easily paired with Bluetooth headsets to achieve the real Hands-free.

retevis RB37 Bluetooth walkie talkies

Retevis RA19

If you don’t like the whole black design, you can consider this model Retevis RA19.

It is another Bluetooth walkie-talkie, designed with green color, also with some buttons in the front, you can set your radio functions like VOX, private codes, calling tones, NOAA by its buttons.


Retevis RA19 Bluetooth walkie-talkie offers two power supplies. You can use the rechargeable Li-ion battery from its standard package, or you can order the AA batteries in the supermarket.

Please note:

But if you want to recharge your AA battery, please choose the rechargeable AA battery.

If you have any questions about Bluetooth walkie talkie, please leave messages below or contact us by email:

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  1. shlomo tessone

    do I have to press any button to talk or is it vox to talk i.e. talk is transmitted automatically?

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