Business version Radio RT35 is coming

Business radio RT35 is coming. It has two License-free version: PMR446 For Europe countries and FRS for the US and Canada.

With the black color like below:

Some people maybe a little misunderstand about this model, because we have this model RT35 already for the outdoor and kids to use.

Like this:

RT35 kids walkie talkies

So what’s the difference?

1, Color:

Outdoor Version RT35: Blue and Orange color.

Business Version RT35: Black color

2, Frequency Range

Outdoor Version RT35: FRS:462.5625-467.7250Mhz PMR446:446.00625-446.09375

Business Version RT35: FRS:462.5625-467.7250Mhz/PMR446:446.00625-446.09375/Licensed Version 99CH

3, Battery Capacity

Outdoor Version RT35: 600mAh

Business Version RT35: 800mAh (can standy longer)

4, VOX level

Outdoor Version RT35: 3 levels

Business Version RT35: 5 levels( more choices)

5, Programming software

Outdoor Version: No provide the software

Business Version: Offer the programming software ( If you have license, you can program your Business Radio RT35)

6, Screen show

Wanna know more about the business version Radio RT35, please click here:


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