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Which Toy Radios is the right Christmas Gifts?

Buying Guide of Retevis Toy radios

We all love communication with each other, and children are no exception either. Kids love maintaining a direct line of communication for their latest plans and adventures. As a child, it’s a fascinating thing to communicate just like the way they have seen soldiers or heroes on TV. In their daily life, They are around with various types of gadgets, But you can’t give an Iphone for your only 6-year-old child. So toy radios are your best alternatives puzzle toy choice. Retevis toy radios has got FCC,CE,IC,ROHS and RCM certifications. As 2018 Christmas Day is just around the corner, However, Which Retevis Toy Radios is the right Christmas Gifts? Here’s the buying guide below:

For kids between 3-year-old and 6-year-old, Retevis RT30,  Retevis RT31 and Retevis RT36, will be your ideal toy radios.

They have unique and cool appearances, and it’s very easy to use.

Retevis RT30, Features with only one channel, it’s definitely the simplest owl toy radios.


Retevis RT31, it’s the most mini lightweight toy radios in their hands.


Retevis RT36, it features with not only seven-color display , but also 10 call tones.


For children between 7-year-old and 10-year-old, Retevis RT388,  Retevis RT32 and Retevis RT628 will be your best toy radios sets.

They start to prefer more colorful and fun walkie talkies.

Retevis RT388, has a various colors to choose.


Retevis RT32, as the only one cartoon bearded walkie talkies.


Retevis RT628, is the most classic model with two-color walkie talkies.

For the youths more than 11-year-old, Retevis RT388P, Retevis RT33,Retevis RT35 andRetevis RT602 will be the top picks.

The youths communicate more frequently, and it’s better with convenient rechargeable choice, which tend to be the adults outdoor usage

Retevis RT388P, rechargeable toy radios, specially for girls.


Retevis RT33, cool USB charging radios,specially for boys.


Retevis RT35, crystal clear audio, unisex for youth outdoor radios.


Retevis RT602,the best rechargeable fashion outdoor radios.


In one word, Toy radios will connect better when there is flat terrain , however, the communication can get disrupted when there is peaks and hilly ridges. Besides, Open spaces are always better and even obstacles like walls and houses can interfere with the line. If you want to learn more retevs toy radios, feel free to Contact Us now!

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