Cartoon Style kids walkie talkie

A new cartoon style kids walkie talkie is coming-Retevis BR16 (US version) and BR616 (EU version)

It can talks with other radios when you only press one PTT key so it’s a very simple operation, which fit small honey (2-3 years old)

Cartoon Style kids walkie talkie

Simple introduction:

1.The cartoon style: pig face appearance

2.Two versions: US FRS version and EU PMR446 version

3.Only one channel, simple operation

4.Only one BIG PTT key

5.Two Mixed color

6.2xAAA battery installation

The difference from other Retevis kids walkie talkie

The first kids model has mixed color to meet with your variety colors need, if you would like to each with different color, BR16 and BR616 are the best options

The similar Cartoon Style kids walkie talkie as BR16

1.RT30 M Kitchen Mouse kids walkie talkie

Retevis RT30M

2.RT30 owl kids walkie talkie

Retevis RT30

They’re very simple to operate, the same feature is that they only have a PTT key, Pressing PTT key to talk another a kids walkie talkie directly.

Now Retevis kids walkie talkie product-line more and more abundant, you can learn more by, if you would like to become a distributor, welcome to email me by this email,

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