How to choose Retevis antenna for your radio?

Antenna plays an important role in two-way radio communication. It directly effect the communication quality of radios.
Generally radio antenna has three catagories, handheld radio antenna, mobile radio antenna, base station antenna.Today we introduce handheld radio antenna only.

Choosing the right antenna is one of the most important parts of good Amateur Radio operation. As with the selection of a radio, it is suggested that a well respected brand of antenna be your choice to get you started. After you learn more about how they perform, under what conditions, and then using your antenna as a baseline, you can then experiment with other brand antennas. It means some of other brand radio, can also use Retevis brand antenna, just make sure antenna and radios matching is ok. Many Hams say this is one of the most enjoyable parts of Ham Radio.

How to choose Retevis antenna for your radio?

We need choose the correct antenna connector.

Antenna connector is based on your radio antenna base connector type.

When your radio antenna base connector is Female, then you need a Male antenna to screw on.

When your radio antenna base connector is Male, then you need a Female antenna to screw on.


How to judge if the antenna or antenna base connector is Male or Female, a simply way is, just see if it has visible “PIN” is ok. When you can see a pin, it’s Male type connector, when the pin is not visible, it’s Female connector.
Antenna connector type:

SMA-M and SMA-F are two mostly used antenna/ antenna base connector type.

We need choose the antenna frequency range corresponding to radio frequency range.

For e.g.: H777: UHF 400-470Mhz
We can use the antenna:C9023A

Explain: H777 antenna base is Male type, So we need a female connector antenna.
H777 range 400-470Mhz, this antenna range 144/430MHz(136-174+400-480MHz), which include 400-470
Based on above two points, we can use C9023A for H777.

About high gain antenna:
After antenna connector and frequency range is suitable, sometimes we need longer communication range. Then we can select a high gain antenna. Antenna normally have a parameter of “Gain”. This figure bigger, then at same conditions, the communication range is longer.

H777 high gain antenna:
J2512A: Gain: 3.0dBi (144MHz)/5.5dBi (430MHz).

J2517A Gain: 3.2dBi (VHF)/5.6dBi (UHF).

Common antenna gain is 2dBi or 2.5dBi, these two types have high gain and better performance.

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