Choose Retevis RT86 Business Radio for your Hotel

We know the Retevis RT86 business radio. The high power Long range radio, can help your buinesss run more smoothly and effectively. But how? Here we will talk about the features of this business radio RT86, then find out why the RT86 is the best option for a business radio in a hotel.

The features of Retevis RT86 business Radio:

1, High power,

Many hotels have several floors with many rooms on each floor, so need to use the long range radios to keep in touch.

If your hotel employees want to communicate throughout the hotel with the front office, housekeeping and maintenance. You need to make sure the radio can meet your requires.

So consider the communication range before purchasing.

2, Can be programmed by software and don’t have the keypad.

Retevis RT86 without the keypad, so your employees can not change the frequency by themself. But the manager can program it by computer. And software will be offered free by Retevis.

3, With the Hidden Display

This Retevis RT86 don’t have the display, it has the hidden display, it will help you to check which channel standby, the battery bar and CTCSS/DCS code.

4, Flashlight

Retevis RT86 with the flashlight, Long press the sidekey button 2 will active the flashlight. When your hotel employees to check the hotel corridor and other not bright places, they can long press to active the flashlight.

5, Clear Voice

This is very important, it will help you to receive guests’ requests and problems and communicate quickly to react.

Communicate quickly and efficiently to your guests is the key to being successful. So why not choose this high power business radio Retevis RT86?

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