Choose the best walkie talkies for you and your family!

Keep family and friends close and in constant contact in busy or remote locations is important. Christmas and The New Year are here, are you with your family at this time? Whether you are shopping, skiing, or hosting a family gathering, family members may get separated from each other. Now carry with family use walkie talkie, you can keep your family safe and always be connected. Retevis has many types of walkie-talkies, and now I will recommend something suit for you and your family!

1. RT49P/649P IP67 float family use walkie talkie

RT49P is IP67 license-free radio, with a floats design, floats on water in case it’s dropped into water. And the Flashlight will flash with white led light, so it helps you locate it. The appearance is very bright green, Especially suitable for camping and skiing, even if you fall on the ground, you can see it at a glance. With 3 AA Batteries supported, you could buy them easily.

The battery is easily available, which is one reason for its popularity. NOAA features in FRS radio service, you’ll know the weather in advance, so you could keep updated with real-time weather conditions. Look here:

2. RT76/RT76P GMRS walkie talkie.

RT76 and RT76P are GMRS walkie talkies, The GMRS certificate is easy to obtain. If a person holds this certificate, other family members can also use it. It is a 5W radio, can support longer communication distances. Retevis also has GMRS analog repeater RT97 now, which can compatible with RT76/RT76P GMRS radios. Once one of our customers bought them just to get in touch with her daughter a few kilometers away. Here is the link:

3. RT34 Live video kids walkie talkie.

RT34 is the first Retevis live video kids walkie talkie, When you are at home, use RT34, you can play games with your kids, hide and seek, stay with your child happy and keep them away from electronic products. It comes with a 6*AAA Battery and charger, is made of ABS materials so that is durable and environmentally. Here is the link:

Besides, Retevis also has many walkie talkies suitable for the family. If you are interested in, please contact us freely, we will recommend the most suitable walkie talkie for you.

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