Choosing the perfect Antennas for Your Off-Road

Choosing the perfect Antennas for Your Off-Road

Choosing the Perfect Antennas for Your Off-Road. If you are looking for a mobile antenna for your Off-Road, you may consider Retevis’s Lastest Mobile Antenna MR300 and MR400. These two models are all mobile radio, heavy-duty mobile radio antennas.

MR300 is a high-gain mobile GMRS antenna for your GMRS mobile two-way radios. It is specifically tuned for 462MHz frequencies on the GMRS and designed for mobile GMRS two-way radios, including the Retevis RA87, RA25 GMRS mobile Radios, and other brands of GMRS mobile radios.

MR400 is also the High-Gain Mobile Antenna for lots of dual-band mobile radios. This version is the VHF and VHF band antenna. So if your mobile radio is dual-band or single-band, you may choose this version MR400.

Why MR300 and MR400 are the perfect Antennas for Your Off-Road?

1, Fiberglass antennas

Yes, MR300 and MR400 are all Fiberglass antennas.  As we all know, Fiberglass antennas are usually the best choice for 4×4 and off-road drivers. They’re the most durable type of antenna and hold up best to the rigors and abuse of off-road use.

2, Heavy Duty Offroad Style Antenna With Spring

For 4×4 and off-road, when driving, with wind, and in situations when obstacles such as tree limbs, the normal antenna will be broken. And if your antenna has a spring, it will protect the antenna, mount, and vehicle.

Great for off-roaders, farmers, hunters, and more

3, High Gain Antenna

The High-Gain 6.5dB, will help you to reach a further range.

So if you are looking for a durable mobile antenna for your mobile radio, MR300, and MR400 will be good choices.

Fiberglass material antenna with spring MR300 MR400

For more information about these two Heavy-Duty fiberglasses Offroad Style Antenna With Spring, you may visit our website:


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