What is commercial radio? And how commercial radio works with the event planners?

When you work with others, communication is important in your group. Simple use and portable two-way radio are much better than selling phones. You don’t have to find the number or name in the list, and you don’t have to call the members one by one. You can only press the PTT button to talk with others immediately. So, here is the guide to help you choose a commercial radio.

What kind of radios can match the event planners?

  1. Simple use.
  2. Small size and portable.
  3. Clear voice.
  4. Cheap and sturdy.
  5. License-free.

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So, if you are also a small business or an event planner, you can choose Retevis commercial radios to work with you.

The hot sales commercial radios are.

  1. RT22 License-free radio. It is a small size and lightweight radio.
  2. RB46 IP67 license-free radio. It is a small size and waterproof radio in stock. And the skid-proof function can work well.
  3. If you need a radio with a screen or keyboard. you can choose the RT45 or RT45P license-free radio. And RT45P is an IP67 waterproof radio.

If you are always working outside, you can choose an IP67 waterproof and dustproof radio like RT45P. You can use it on rainy days even if you have to work in a wet or dusty place. And also, the RT45P can receive the NOAA weather channels and weather alarm in bad weather.

However, if you need long-range communication, RT81 and RT81V are the long-range IP67 waterproof and dustproof DMR radios for businesses. The communication range is up to 4 km, and the VHF radio can reach longer than the UHF radio in the backcountry or in an open area. But it is a licensed radio, your business can use it if you have a radio license.

And also, you can choose a 6-way charger, earpieces, and mic to make it easy and convenient. So, please feel free to contact us for a recommendation and a quotation for your solution. Please reference these questions to let us help you choose the best radios.

Any questions can leave in the comment or send an email to support@retevis.com.



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