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The communication range of retevis radios in sea level

The communication range is the most important factor when you choose a radio for your needs. and we all know, the two-way radio is a short-distance communication tool, generally, we have to apply for a license to operate the high power and long-range radio in law. so, according to your needs, we have a result to show the call range on the sea level, the most standard range of two-way radios.

Different radios with different range.

FRS radios: the highest power of FRS radios is 2w, for example, the rt22 is a standard FRS radio and certified by FCC. when the distance is 7.5km, the data is clear but a little noisy. when the distance is 116km, it cannot talk to others but you can receive some data.

However, as we know, the high power of PMR radio is 0.5w legally, so the call range should be shorter than FRS radios. For example, we have a kind of outdoor radio for kids, and it works on pmr frequency band, so the communication range is 3km. And when the distance is 5.8km, it cannot talk to others, and just receive the data sometimes.

maybe you wonder, what about the licensed radio, and what is their communication range of them? rt82 as an example. In 7.5km, rt82 can talk clearly. But in 15.5km, we can hear the noise, and it can expand to 19km.
Do you think the test is available for you? Maybe yes, but maybe not. Because we are in different applications. Due to the disrupted factors, the actual communication range is different.


Some customers said, a father wants to talk to his daughter in town, and they need about 3-4miles radio. So, in American cities, we recommend the gmrs radios. They can apply for a gmrs license, and build a repeater to expand the distance. And they can talk to each other at a low price. So, how about the gmrs radio kit? For European customers, they can apply for a license to use operate a long-range radio in law.

In addition, if you need helps to solve your communication problems. You can contact us for a free solution and price list. We’d love to help you with radios.

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