What you should consider before purchasing a walkie talkie?(3)

7. Keypad Lock
If you’re going to keep your walkie-talkie on your person while doing your job, it pays to have a keypad locking feature. This will ensure that you do not accidentally change the channel you’re transmitting on, or that you don’t fill the conversation with your butt-dial. Nobody wants to hear what you’re doing from the inside of your pocket, be respectful with your keypad and lock it.
If you’re looking to monitor the airwaves and find where the conversation is (or isn’t- in the case of finding open channels), you should find a radio that has the scanning feature. A radio with scanning will scan through the the channels or frequencies and help you locate transmissions going on.
9. VOX Can liberate your hands
VOX is the amateur radio term for Hands-Free voice transmitting. When the radio detects your speech, it will automatically transmit your message on the channel you’re on. This feature is useful in activities like skiing, driving, or other times when you need to keep your hands free to maintain safety and functionality.At retevis.com, we offer many radio accessories, including speaker mics and earphone headsets, which help with hands free operation. Hands free operation, especially when used with VOX, enables you to freely perform your job or hobby and operate your radio simultaneously.
10.Noise Filter
Also known as SQUELCH, this feature helps you to filter out the low quality transmissions and static, ensuring that you only receive the incoming messages that you want to hear. This can be adjusted in the menu, and can be deactivated by holding the monitor button on most handheld radios, enabling you to hear weak or faint transmissions.
11. Radio/GPS Combo Units
Some radios, such as the retevis RT3 RT8, have a GPS feature. This feature is useful for sharing your location to other parties; you can share your GPS coordinates to the person you’re talking to when needed.
12. Batteries
While many models still operate on AA or AAA batteries, more and more radio manufacturers, especially at the higher-end, have adopted rechargeable batteries made of nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), or other materials. The most popular battery is a Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery. Compared with lithium-ion battery, it has a longer battery life and safety.
13. About
the use
Ham radios are designed to work in areas with scattered trees and buildings, and the signal will not be highly affected by their presence. However, it is important to note that the presence of dense forests or urban areas with high levels of development (such as the city-center of a metropolis) will diminish the effectiveness of your signal. For these situations, we recommend the use of a high powered (high output wattage) radio
14. About the Compatibility and Usage Area
Check the range on your radio before buying. It is important to know whether you want a radio that can broadcast on Very High Frequencies (VHF), Ultra High Frequencies (UHF), or both. Some walkie-talkies, will not work with all other radios, so we recommend that when buying a new radio, you buy a pair.It is important to be certified to use amateur radios. Know which frequencies you are allowed to operate on, and which you should stay off for legal purposes.


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