What should one consider when looking to buy a radio system for business use?

Retevis RB28/RB628 business radios
Retevis RB28/RB628 business radios

Two-way radios are widely used in business communication because of their high efficiency and low cost. As a buyer of business radio, what should you pay attention to when choosing and buying walkie-talkies?

License or no license?

Local policies need to be taken into account first. A license-free walkie-talkie is adequate if you use it in a small organization like a retail store. But if you need longer distances or more secure calls, buying frequency is a priority. FRS radios, PMR446 radios, FreeNet radios, and MURS radios are license-free radios in different countries. But they have range and function limited. High-power radios require a license.

Communication range

One of our business customers reported that they had been using the H777 radio in their warehouse, but the H777 could not cover all areas. So he wanted long-distance walkie-talkies and repeater schemes. Some customers have also reported that RT29 works well in buildings of more than 200 meters. So, it would be best to determine┬áthe radio’s distance and power.


Budgets and needs are always hard to match. Therefore, it is necessary to set the maximum acceptable budget after determining the required quantity. License-free walkie-talkies are inexpensive and can be bought for a few dozen dollars, but there are many restrictions on use and distance. But full-featured and long-distance walkie-talkies cost more, requiring several times the budget for the same number of devices.

In addition, due to the gradual development of digital radios, so analog radios have more price advantages. If the budget is not enough, analog walkie-talkies are more advantageous.

If you want to know what walkie-talkies work for you, please send us these conditions, and we will recommend the most suitable walkie-talkies and accessories for you.

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