What are the differences of Prepper and Survivalist?

What are you think about the Prepper and Survivalist? Do you think they are the same crowded? Actually, they are very similar, but they are not the same people. There are some differences between them on different points.

1. Methods and behaving.

A prepper is prepping for the world, they are prepping for the disasters and some terrible things happened, so they try to stock foods, water, seeds, guns, first aid, and other goods in shelters to save a life. However, the survivalists try to learn some skills and techniques to survive and fit the changes. They always learn how to shoot, how to use tools, and learn more about geography. So, from this point, Preppers and survivalists are different.

2. Group and Individual.

Preppers would like to collaborate with others, they are willing to work with others to live, and they will consider their families, relatives, neighborhoods, and others. They are a group to prep. But survivalists have always worked alone, because they are strong, and they are always an adventure to survival rely on their skills and resources. A survivalist is very similar to a lone wolf.

3. Their works.

Preparers are from all walks of life, and their preparation activities run through life. However, survivors often work for rescue, exploration, shooting, and so on. Their adventurous spirit makes them often work in an environment full of tests.

4. Frequencies.

Preppers are always working on the same frequencies while survivalists are working on the different frequencies. So, please find the frequencies divided to contact them.


So, you can choose RT45P/RT645P license-free radio, GMRS radio RB17P, MURS RT47V, and ham radio HD1 to contact each other.

So, there are several key differences between a Prepper and a survivalist. If you are interested to learn more about it, please focus on our Facebook page and discuss it in our group. Finally, both of them are willing to not only fight for their survival but even thrive through any disaster situation. Which of these two crowded would you consider yourself to be? Do you think prepping the world is necessary? We look forward to your answer.

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2 thoughts on “What are the differences of Prepper and Survivalist?”

  1. Bhatia, S. C

    You call survivalists like wolves but wolves live and hunt in packs. They are not loners. I would have expected a survivalist to know that.

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