DMR Dual Band Radio HD1 Contact List

There is a good improvement on HD1 contacts list. It has two parts: priority contacts and Address book contacts.

HD1 Contact list

Priority Contacts

It can save 1000 priority contacts on HD1. You not only can edit priority contacts through software on computer but also edit the contacts on the radio panel.

Press menu, enter contacts operation. You can edit contacts ID, which call type will going with this contact, name, city,province and country. Priority contacts cant be import or export via software.

Also, you can set “ID sort”, “Contact Alias Sort” on CPS. Then on the radio, it will show the ID or Contact Alias depending on your sort setting on CPS. 

HD1 Contact list  HD1 Contact list

Address book contacts

It support 10,000 contacts on address book contacts. Only can import and export via software.

Below steps will show you how to import and export contacts to the radio.

  1. Open address book contacts.
  2. If you have already have a .csv contacts file. You should correct the sheet cell same with HD1 contact format. Call Type, contact Alias,city,Province, Country, and then Call ID.
  3. Click “Import Contacts”, open you contacts .csv file on your computer. After several seconds, the contacts will show on the software.
  4. Then write contacts to your radio.

Notice: You can only import or export contacts via “Address book contacts” dialog box.


When you receive a call, HD1 radio will show all information about the transmitter, not only a radio ID like RT3/RT8/MD380/MD390 etc.

If you have any other questions about HD1, please contact email


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