DMR Radio Retevis RT3S gives you more!

DMR Radio Retevis RT3S gives you more!

For ordinary use, an analog radio will satisfy your requirements. But for those who have a radio license, DMR radio Retevis RT3S will meet your needs!

For our ordinary life, we don’t need a radio that has a communication distance like many kilometers away. So we would like an analog radio because most of them are license-free, and the communication distance would be 3 kilometers. And most license-free radio, their size is small, you can easily put them in your purse. Just like RB15 and RT18. The USB charging function will be more convenient for ordinary users.

For amateur radio fans(Hams), DMR radio Retevis RT3S will be more challenging and suitable. Digital walkie-talkies improve call quality. Because the digital communication technology has the internal error correction function of the system, and the analog walkie-talkie reference, it can achieve better voice and audio quality in a wider range of signal environments, and the received audio noise will be less and the sound will be clearer.

DMR Radio Retevis RT3S gives you more!
DMR Radio Retevis RT3S gives you more!


Also, Retevis RT3S has an FPP function, which means you can program frequency and other settings without a computer. It is convenient for amateurs who always going out. And it is very suitable in the wild when there is no computers and programming cable.

And DMR radio has more features than analog ones:

  1. GPS
  2. (TDMA)digital function
  3. The dual time slot for repeater
  4. The dual time slot for point to point
  5. Firmware upgradeable
  6. Lone worker
  7. Compatible with Mototrbo TierⅠ&Ⅱ
  8. A single call, group call, and all call
  9. Analog and digital combined
  10. Remote kill /stun and activate
  11. Up to 3000 channels
  12. Transmit interruption
  13. Group call match(promiscuous)
  14. Private call match(promiscuous)
  15. Record
  16. Emergency Alarm

Anyway, DMR radio will bring you more and you will learn more knowledge about radios!



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