Do you know RB23 Waterproof GMRS Handheld 5W Long Range Two Way Radios?

Do you know RB23 Waterproof GMRS Handheld 5W Long Range Two Way Radios?

RB23 is a new long-distance GMRS handheld walkie-talkie.  It has a stylish appearance, its size is small, so easy to carry. It is IP67 waterproof, so it can be used in humid and rainy environment. It has 30 channels, 8 channels are repeater channels, so convenient to connect to the repeater; 1800mah battery capacity, sturdy and durable. RB23 can use the charging base, there are also six-way charging base and car charger to choose from, charging is more convenient.

The function of RB23:
Squelch level 1-9
0-9 level VOX function
Two alarm modes: local alarm and remote alarm
Mic gain can be adjusted
360-degree rotating channel knob

Functional operation of RB23:

VOX: You can set the VOX side key customization into the software. After the setting is successful, you can use the custom side key on the walkie-talkie to adjust the VOX. It should be noted that after opening, you need to short press the custom side key 9 times before closing again.

Local/remote alarm: It can be set into the software, after opening, you need to press the “PTT” buttom to close.

Monitor: You can customize the side buttons in the software to enable monitor.

Mic gain: The mic gain can be adjusted. When speaking, the mouth does not need to be 3-5 cm away from the walkie-talkie, the call can also be transmitted, which is more convenient to use.

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