Do you know RB27 series models?

Do you know RB27 series models?

Many people know our GMRS walkie-talkie RB27, not only because it has a screen and easy to operate, but also because of its more professional appearance, which makes people love it. We have launched the same series of RB27 products in response to the needs of our customers:

RB27B: FRS US-band radio with 22 channels and USB charger;

RB627B: PMR European-band radio with 16 channels and USB charger;

RB27V: MURS US-band radio has 5 channels and has a USB charger.

It should be noted that the RB27B FRS version and the RB27V MURS version have a NOAA weather channel, and the RB627B PMR version does not have a NOAA weather channel.

Features of RB27 series:

Favorable design: They all have LCD screens and multi-function keyboards, which are convenient for the use and operation of walkie-talkies.

Type-C charging method: The standard configuration of RB27 series walkie-talkies is a USB charging base, the battery has a Type-C charging interface, supports Type-C direct charging, which is more convenient to use.

Repeater activation: They have repeater activation audio 1750HZ, 1450HZ, 2100HZ optional.

The function of the walkie-talkie:

FM: Short press the side button of the walkie-talkie to enter FM, the frequency range is 76-108mhz.

Alarm function: They have local alarm and remote alarm. Short press “LAMP” once to turn on the light; press again to turn on the flash. Long press “LAMP”, the light turns on and the alarm sounds.

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  1. Hi,
    I am located in the USA and will be traveling international and need help program my RB27 radios to my RT97 Repeater.

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