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Doug is the person who like camping, hiking, and backpacking. He is also running his YouTube channel Backcountry Pilgrim, sharing his outdoor gear reviews and trips for backpacking. These days he shared a video of his hiking story, including Retevis RT49P Waterproof Radio.

Doug’s Trail Hiking Story

“A couple of weeks back I went on a quick hiking trip with my family and we had about eight of us together hiking this trail and we ended up getiing separated. Now it wasn’t that big of a deal because the trail wasn’t that hard to follow but when I got all the way back to the car, half my family was there and the other half was not. So We waited a little while but it stared to get a little nerve-wracking because thye shoulf have caught us by that point and so I turned around and re-hike about half the hilke going to back to find the rest of our party.”

Outdoor Gear Reviews-On the Trail
Outdoor Gear Reviews-On the Trail

“Now while I was on the this trail I was in a fairly steep rocky canyon that I thought would have carried sound pretty well and so I broke my “be quiet on the trail ” rule and just once or twice shouted the name of one of the people that was behind me. Pretty loud that I could hear it echoing off the walls and I didin’t get any response which told that those guys must be pretty far away. I literally took about five steps crested a hill and there they were. The lesson here is that when you’re outsides, sounds doesn’t always travel the way you think it might and if you’re relying on your shouting voice to keep in communication with someone. Not only are you being super annoying to other people on the trail but it also has a high likelihood of failture so the next when I took my kids out on a hike and I knew that my son were probably gonna want to run ahead of us. So I gave him one of these RT49P radios. ”

Outdoor Gear Reviews-Retevis RT49P
Outdoor Gear Reviews-Retevis RT49P

Doug’s Review of RT49P

“RT49P is an IP67 rated waterproof radio. It can survive submersion in up to a meter of water for about 30 minutes. It actually floats if you drop this in water it will float on top, but also the built-in flashlight will automatically come on and start flashing. It has a little built-in flashlight which can be handy in an emergency situation. It comes with rechargeable batteries and its own micro usb charger port. In case of emergency, it also has the handy SOS button.When you hold it for a few seconds, it makes a siren and flashes the red light. These radios also have the ability to listen to NOAA weather reporting system, which can be super helpful if you’re out in the backcountry. It suppots CTCSS/DCS, ┬áso it does give you a way to easily screen people that are just searching for someone to talk to. All these would make sense for someone that hikes and backpacks and that is why I picked these.”

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