hiking experience with Retevis radio rt49p

Enjoy Retevis RT49P for Hiking

I like Hiking very much.

I have never got a waterproof walkie-talkie before. But this hiking I purchased the Retevis Waterproof walkie-talkie RT49P for my hiking.

For me, I think the best time to hike is between summer and fall. And usually, we will have a team for hiking. We will be ready for enough food and water. Before this, we talk by cell phone if we are not together. But in some places, we hike with a weak signal, and it is very hard for us to talk with each other.

So I choose to order a walkie-talkie. And considering we will use the radio outside, we find the Retevis RT49P. With the IP67 waterproof and floating feature license-free radio.

Yes, we don’t have any license on using the walkie-talkie. So we choose the license-free. In the USA, the FRS band is the license-free radio, and Retevis RT49 is the FRS band.

Waterproof Walkie Talkie RT49P for Hiking

This walkie talkie bring us back to memory.

Just Like playing cops and robbers back in the day. We use roger and over to start and end a conversation just feels nostalgic.

I was running out of water towards the end of the hike. And we suggested split up to find our car. But we were lost because we entered mid-trail and exiting at the end of the trail. But these walkie talkies saved us. Because our phone was running low power. Allowing us to keep in touch and persevere what little resources we had till we reach our car again.

So really a good experience. I will take these walkie talkies for my next hiking plan. And I have planned some games during our hiking. I will share them with you in further.

Thanks for shaing this experience. More about Retevis RT49P, you can visit our website

If you want to know more walkie talkies for hiking, you can check our blog: Retevis radios for hiking.

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