Start your Adventure Trip by RT45

2018 will coming soon, are you ready to start your adventure trip?

Retevis has released the outdoor walkie talkie,model RT45.

Let’s see RT45 

With the main color White+Gray,not like the black gives us heavy feeling. Take an easy Adventure from here!

Can’t match your demands? Don’t worry, RT45 has many functions:

1,Call tone :10 sets ring tone to select. Easy know who is calling you !

2,VOX function: Free your hands. Talk to others without press the PTT

3,Roger Beep: Let others know you are finished talking.

4,Flashlight:No need to say more about this!

5, Scan: Use scan to search all channels for transmissions from unknown parties, to quickly find unused channel.

6,Dual watch receiver: Dual Standby.

7,Room Monitor:You can use it as a Baby Monitor.

8,TOT: Prevent the transceiver from being damaged because of continuous transmission.

9, Low battery alarm


Can’t wait to get one?  Presell is going on! Click here to book one:


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