New RT22P radio

The first super thin license-free radio RT22P will service for you

What do you think is the minimum size and weight of a radio? Do you know how much convenience and surprise 100G communication tool can bring us? The license-free radio RT22P adds a technological feel to the RT22‘s appearance. This is definitely the best way to start 2022.

RT22P looks like this:


Have you seen that? The ultra-thin radio. Only 15mm, and the size is 110x55x15mm. It means you cannot find it when you put it in your pocket. And it is super light, only 102.5g. Even if children use it, there is no burden.

And the battery capacity is 1620mAh, which you can use for a whole day’s talk.

And the type-C charger can help you charge it everywhere.

It is a license-free radio, so there are 2 versions for different areas.

FRS version: It works on an FRS license-free frequency band with 22 channels. And the high power is 2W. You can use RT22P to talk to other FRS radios when the frequency and tones are the same.

PMR446 version: From the version name we can know it works on the 446 frequency band with 16 channels. But the high power is 0.5W in law. So, the communication range is no longer than FRS radios. And you can also talk to other PMR446 radios in the same frequency and tones.

Please note, users cannot change the frequency range to others, even you are allowed to communicate in other bands. Because RT22P is License-free radio, and if you wanna use other frequency bands, it will injure the certification of FCC and CE. So, we recommend other licensed radios to you according to your needs. You can email us at, or you can chat with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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