Retevis RT84 password

Forget Password of Retevis RT84?

Forget password of Retevis RT84? Please check this blog.

Retevis RT84 is the dual-band, DMR digital/analog walkie walkie, with the power 5w, 250 Group and each group can have 32 contact member.

If you met the problem with the password, when you turn on your radio, the radio need you to enter the password. you can check this solution.

Forget password of Retevis RT84 solution:

1, Find the RT84’s source file of the software, choose the file setting.

Retevis RT84 source file
Retevis RT84 source file

2, Open this file: setting. Find the Password=0, change to password=password, then save.

Retevis RT84 setting
Retevis RT84 setting

3, Connect your radio with the computer via programming cable

4, Open the software, click read from radio. You can check the password.

5, Changed the password by yourself or delete the password.


Then this problem has been solved.


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