Free Radios For Boy Scouts-Kids Radio

Free Radios For Boy scouts-Kids Radio

Are your children boy scouts? Are your friends’ kids boy scouts? If yes, please join us this program to get the free radios for your kids or your friends’ kids.

If you don’t have children or your children are adults, don’t worry, we will other free radio program(Free radios for Boy Scout Family/Free ham radio for Boy Scout Leader)

Boy scouts, they need to know the skill about how to use the walkie talkie to communicate with others. But lots of families don’t have this budget to get the two-way radios for their kids. So here we offer some FREE Retevis two-way radios for them.

If you think your family or your friends’ kids need it, please hurry up and join us- Free Radios For Boy scouts-Kids Radio


1: What and how many radios will be sent out?

A: 10 kids radios will be sent to the winners. Each model has 2pcs in the package.

  • For children ages 3 to 5, we recommend  Kitchen Mouse Toy Retevis RT30M
  • For children ages 6 to 8, we recommend Multiple Color RRetevis RT37/RT637
  • For Children ages 9-14, we recommend Rechargeable Adventure Radio Retevis RT628


2: Do I need to do anything else?

A:  Share this blog to your social media and Make sure to include the hashtag #RetevisBoyScoutRadiosFree

3: When will the winners get the prize?

A: We’ll contact you soon to confirm the detailed shipping information by email:

4: When will this giveaway end and when will the result be announced?

A: This giveaway ends on Dec 21st, 2020, the result will be announced on Dec 23rd, 2020.

5: Where to submit the information?

A: Give a brief introduction about why your kids/your friends’ kids need this radio, and how old are them? The more details,the more chance to get. Leave a reply like the below picture.

6, Others

  • If I didn’t get the prize. We appreciate your joining in this activity! We will offer $10 Gift Card to all of you (except for the winners) by email!
  • If I have more than 2 kids, or my friend has more than 2 kids. Please leave a reply to write it, we will choose the 3pack Retevis RA17 kids radios for you.
  • It would be much appreciated if you would like to share pictures with us when you get the prize. It will be better to prove our RetevisBoyScoutRadiosFree is real and effective.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by email:




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13 thoughts on “Free Radios For Boy Scouts-Kids Radio”

  1. Dave Hannigan

    Hi … is this offer only open to Scout Troops in the US?

    I am a UK based Scout Leader and am very interested in teaching my Scouts radio protocol.

  2. Jennifer spencer

    We have 4 kids in scouts oldest is working on eagle he is 18 and special needs scout daughter is 16 and a star scout the middle son is 12 and is working on tenderfoot and youngest son is 10 and is an AOL we dont have a lot of money and have lost employment due to covid. We do a lot of hiking I’m the woods and would be very useful to have on their hikes

  3. I’ve got two teenagers in the troop, and I’m a counselor for the Radio merit badge. The adults have used FRS radios to coordinate at camps before and I thought that the youth would get a kick out of using radios at camps, too.

    1. Hi, thanks to join us this free program. Could you plese tell us the age of your two teenagers? If you win, we will choose the right radios for them according to our blog.

  4. David Mulder

    Hello I belong to scout active support team for Tendering in Essex providing safety for scouts from 5years to 18 years then the leaders I also teaching them radio edict to use when they are out on hikes in the hills and lowland thank you for this offer .

  5. Deborah Pepper

    I have 2 children aged 12 & 16yrs old they are both connected with scouting on the uk.

  6. #RetevisBoyScoutRadiosFree Scout Leader for 10-14yrs.

    We would love to win as currently we don’t have any radios and would be perfect for our expeditions.

  7. Joseph Gaffney

    I have two kids in scouting one 12 the other 10. We use radios on scouting trips to give the scouts a little freedom to explore without adults being right behind them.

  8. Brian Wisniewski

    I have 2 Boys that are current Scouts . 1 is a Cubscout and other is a Boyscout. My oldest is also the den chief for the younger cub . He is interested in Ham radio as well .

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