Function introduces of RT75

RT75 is our new release compass kids walkie talkie, it has bright color, and unique appearance, you must love it! So do you know what function does it has? How do you operate it? Let discuss it together.

Main functions:

Adjustable volume level

Channel Monitor


Battery save

Low Battery Alert



Keyboard lock


TOT(Time-out Timer)

VOX Function

So how to operate it? Let’s operate it together.

  1. Adjust the volume: press the “up” button to increase the volume, and the “down” button to decrease the volume.
  2. Low battery reminds: if the machine is a low battery, start-up, first show full battery, then the screen is bright, slowly show battery space.
  3. channel select: press the menu button once and the channel number starts flashing. Press the up or down keys to increase or decrease the channel number.
  4. Change CTCSS and press “menu” for two times. The number of CTCSS is displayed in the upper right corner.
  5. VOX setting: Press “menu” three times to display the current VOX level, and press “up” or “down” to change the VOX level. There are 3 VOX levels.
  6. Scanning function: press the “up” button for two seconds, and the channel will automatically scan all channels.
  7. Monitoring function: press the “down” button for 3 seconds. Activate the listening function,
  8. Ring tone: press “menu” four times to display the ring tone. Press “up” or “down” to select the ring tone.
  9. Press the menu for three seconds to lock the screen and press the menu for three seconds to unlock.
  10. Key tone: press “menu” five times and press the “down” button to turn off the key tone.

Now, do you have a clear understanding of RT75? here is the link of RT75:

If you need more confusion in the further, please contact directly.

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