How to get ready for Hikings as beginners?

Hikings as beginners, there are lots of things we need to ready. So are  you ready for your first hiking?

Now Hiking is more and more popular as an outdoor activity. You will have lots of questions abou how to ready for your first hiking? so Hikings as beginners, Here we give you some tips, then you can successfully plan your next or first hiking trip. Hope this blog will make it easy for your next adventure hiking.

1, Select the right Trail

For beginners, you should be careful to pick the trail, not too long or too difficult. Choose a trail within 5 miles, not too remote.

2, Find a Partner/family/friends

For your first hiking, here we suggest you do not go for single. It is better to have the friends or team or family if you are a beginner. If you don’t have friends or your family members are not interested in hiking, you can find the local hiking group.

3, Bring your communication Gear

It is very important to keep in touch with others when hiking. No matter cellphone or walkie talkie, you’d better to take one. If you take the two-way radios, make sure your team work channel, then change your radio channel to the same channel.

With the full power radio, if your trail will meet the river, you need also to consider the waterproof radio. Retevis RT49p is the license-free radio, can be used for family, hiking group and others. IP67 waterproof, can float on the river, with the flashlight and SOS red light. The best choice for outdoor hiking.


4, Food and Water

During your hike, you should drink water regularly, so you should carry filtered water with you. But if your hike is short, just bring some water into your bottles, that’s enough. The same with food.

5, Tell to others about your plan

If you go hiking single, it is better to tell someone about your hike plan. Tell them where you are going and when you will be going.


Then start your first hiking please!


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