GMRS Portable Radio RA85 new model

GMRS Portable Radio RA85 is coming

GMRS Portable Radio RA85, the new model from Retevis. It is a handheld walkie-talkie, with a big LCD display and a full keypad two-way radio. The best choice for business and outdoor adventure like offroad.

As we know, now lots of users will choose the GMRS radios, because GMRS with high power than FRS band radio, and the communication range is longer than FRS radio. And the GMRS license is very easy to apply from FCC. If you want to extend the communication range of GMRS radios, you can use repeaters.

Let’s check theĀ  GMRS Portable Radio RA85 first:

GMRS Portable Radio RA85

The new model RA85 has a 1.6inch LCD screen, with a dual display and dual standby function. you can check the channel information and others from its menu. Because GMRS can extend its range by GMRS repeater, RA85 also has the GMRS repeater function. You can switch to the GMRS repeater channel to connect with the GMRS repeater.

What’ are the features of this New GMRS radio RA85?

1, Up to 60 channels for GMRS band. For lots of GMRS handheld radios, the channels number is 30 channels, but RA85 offers 60 channels, to help you set the same GMRS frequencies but with different CTCSS/DCS codes. Give you more choice to choose the channels.

2, Has the GMRS repeater capable.

RA85 also has the GMRS repeater function, if you want to extend your radio’s range, you can check your local GMRS repeater to connect.

3, NOAA weather Channels function

RA85 offers theĀ  11 NOAA channels that let you know the weather situation at any time.

4, Dual Watch and dual display

You can configure the RA85 radio to watch two channels simultaneously. This function will allow you to stay in touch with both teams at the same time without missing any important information.

Why choose GMRS over FRS?

1, GMRS handheld Radios offer high power and longer distance than FRS radios. GMRS handheld radio is 5w and FRS radio is 2W.

2, GMRS repeater capable. The GMRS portable radio can take advantage of GMRS repeaters to get a more powerful, longer distance. But for FRS radio, connect with the repeater is not allowed by FCC.

3, GMRS radios provide more selectable channels than FRS radios. Usually, GMRS with the default channels numbers 30 and FRS with 22 channels. And RA85 offers 60 channels.


So if you want to choose a communication longer walkie talkie, choose GMRS radio, choose GMRS Portable Radio RA85 here.

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