H-777 :One of the walkie-talkies can not contact with others

When we buy multiple walkie-talkies of the same model(such as H-777), we often encounter this problem: one of the H-777 can’t talk to other walkie-talkies. Is this because the walkie-talkie is broken? Here are some ways to help us find the cause.

H-777 troubleshooting:

1. Please kindly adjust the volume to the Max, and make sure the radios are in same frequency and CTCSS, otherwise they will no be able to work together.

2. Check if the red light is on when the radio is transmitting, and if there is a green light when it is received.


3, If the indicator light work well. You can Check if the radio is the same frequencies and CTCSS. If they are different, you need to reprogram these radios to the same data, then they can be used together.



4.Change channel to test if there are the voice prompt?It will help you to check if it is the issue of the microphone;Or you using the earpiece to test.

5.In the short range to test if there any voice can be heard?

H-777 if  the same frequency and in the close range, it still not work, it should be the problem with the radio body.


These methods are suitable for most walkie-talkies, not only the H-777. And the problem of the inability of the walkie-talkie to work requires a specific analysis. Only by finding the root cause of the problem can the problem be solved.

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