H-777 charging time and full charge

In many cases, especially when you are outside, it is very inconvenient for your walkie-talkie to have no power, but the Retevis H-777 walkie-talkie can solve this problem.




Retevis H-777 charging advantage

Retevis H-777 no longer uses a single charging method, H-777 supports DC and USB charging, convenient for your outdoor work.By the way, use a 5-port USB charger to save effort.

1.Enhanced battery performance: Lighted batteries last longer and have no memory overcharging side effects.


2.1000mAh battery capacity will last for 8 hours and support 120 hours long standby


3.You can charge 2-3 hours, then you can use it for 8-9 hours continuous use or longer. This is sufficient for normal commercial use. You are trustworthy and possessive.



How to judgeH-777 whether it is fully charged?


Each radio has its own smart charging dock (without adapter), and the charging base will have a red light when charging, and it will turn green when it is fully charged. And it will remind you and keep battery life. H-777 Charging can be done in many places, supporting charging in cars, computers and walls.

Use USB charging and direct wall charging to give you more charging options and improve charging efficiency.

The H-777 features a low voltage alarm that will alert you to a good battery life. It’s a great choice for both fast charging and long standby time.

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  1. We have the old style H777 as depicted and cannot find replacement batteries. 1 battery has already expanded.

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