H-777 How choose bandwidth and narrowband?

The purpose of H-777 broadband and narrowband is to make communication more smoothly and crystal.

And know under what circumstances to choose broadband, under what circumstances to choose narrowband.



H-777 broadband and narrowband meaning

Broadband and narrowband mean the amplitude of the intermodulation speech modulation onto the carrier. The wideband mode download wave is modulated to a large amplitude, while the narrowband mode download wave is modulated to a small amplitude.

Advantages and disadvantages of H-777 broadband and narrowband

The advantage of broadband is that will received more signal
and the disadvantage is that it takes up bandwidth.
The narrow band is so good in sound quality, the disadvantage is that the occupied frequency band is narrow.

If you choose a narrow band, the sound can be clearer. However, for long distances, broadband will be useful to received more signal, which is related with the reception of the walkie-talkie, because the transmission may be a little biased, so that more receiving in broadband. Bandwidth is for frequency.

After a general understanding of the broadband and narrowness of the walkie-talkie, even in an emergency, learn to choose them, you can achieve normal communication.


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