H-777 voice announcement turn on/off

H-777 is analog walkie talkies with no screen, but voice prompts to help you easily operate and found your channel on.

How to turn on the H-777’s voice announcement
It have been set up well when out of factory,if you turn off it by accident, you can follow up the step to turn on.

H-777 hot key to operate:

1.On channel 10, Press and hold PTT button and MONI to turn on the radio,voice prompt turn on.
Please note:If you turn off the

H-777 voice prompt, which is”drop” sound.

Programming to switch language:

In the software,Click edit—function setting
you can choose your language,it is easy to set up



We have 16 channels for this H-777, and two knobs can select the channel and volume. The voice prompt reminds you current channel number when you select channels.When you have turned on the voice prompt function,it is easy for you to found your group channel and will not lost the communication.
The specific embodiment of 16 channels
Fre           CTCSS
462.12500  63.3
462.22500  NONE
462.32500  NONE
462.42500  103.5
462.52500  114.8
462.62500  127.3
462.72500  136.5
462.82500  162.2
462.92500  D025N
463.02500  D051N
463.12500  D125N
463.22500  D155I
463.52500  D465I
450.22500  D023N
460.32500  NONE
469.95000  203.5

Knowing the frequency and CTCSS of 16 channels, turn on the voice prompt,programming and operate will be easily for you.


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