H777+RT7 charger improvement notification

H777+RT7 charger improvement notification

Original H777&RT7 charger is with adapter based on charger standard of different countries directly, now it’ll be replaced by USB charger+ adapter(EU, US, UK) gradually.

Advantage for old version charger: cheap     It’s also an reason why H777 and RT7 are selling in a very ecomonical price.

But because of cheap cost, the quality for charger is not stable.

Advantage for new version USB charger:

1.more stable quality
2.Increase battery lifespan
3.More convenient
A.when a socket is not available, you can plug into PC usb for charging directly
B.when you travel to another country, just using a adapter for charging is ok, no need take another charger.

The only disadvantage is the USB charger original cost is higher than old version charger. But we get longer battery lifespan and better charger quality, which is worthy, right?


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