Retevis H777 upgrade six-way charger introduction

Retevis H777 upgrade six-way charger introduction


Retevis H777 upgrade six-way charger, after upgraded it, there are much advantage than before rapid charger. SKU: C9059A

Let’s we together to learn Retevis H777 upgrade six-way charger introduction:

1.It has Multi-unit charger protection functions:
(1). Overcharge protection
(2). Overvoltage protection
(3). Short-circuit protection
And others. In a word, the safety performance is much higher than the original six bank charger.

2. Equipped with power switch, when the power supply finish, do not need to be unplugged for every time, and the convenience and security will be improved.

3. The charging indicator light, it is green when the power supply, the charging time is red, when full, it is by green. The H777 standard distribution battery is full of electricity at about 3 hours.

4.The adaptor ADAPTS to the global voltage (100-240V), detachable type, the base and insert can      be removed, mainly for the convenience of factory production.

5.Standard charge, no quick charge function.

6.Equipped with the special packing box, the volume is smaller than the original.


Checked above Retevis H777 upgrade six-way charger introduction, do you want to try it at first time? Pls check the product link: Also u can contact me at Welcome you.

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