Halloween Giveaway! Participate and win a pair of new radios

Hi guys! Do you want to try our new radios for free? Have you decorated your house for trick or treat? If yes, it is your chance to win the new radio RB39, a pretty, thin, and wonderful radio. Now, the Halloween giveaway is coming.

How to open the door?

  1. Participate in our group on Facebook. Retevis.fans
  2. Have had a Retevis radio before.
  3. Find the Pin giveaway post and read it carefully.

How to win the radios?

The rule and the standard are very simple for you.

You need to take your walkie-talkie and stand in front of your Halloween decorations. Take out your cell phone and take a picture of your walkie-talkie and decorations. It’s better to be able to see the walkie-talkie and all your Halloween decorations at the same time.

I made a simple sample of the photo, but I think you can do better.

After taking your photos, you can post them in the comment of the Giveaway post. Then, you can invite your friends and families to ‘like’ your post.

The criteria by which the winners are judged

The top 2 with the most ‘like’ get a free pair of RB39 radios. Other participants can receive a free gift if they have an order on the Halloween page. Please mark ‘Halloween’ in the note box.
In addition, we will cooperate with some YouTubers for the Giveaway. If there is new cooperation, we will post it on the group. Stay tuned for our latest news.
If the 2nd and 3rd place votes are tied, the person who leaves a recommendation/Review on Facebook wins.

How to mail the radio to winners.

The winners’ IDs will be posted in the group. Please pay attention to your personal FB message. We will PM you for the email, mailing address, and phone number for the shipment. If you have an order on our website, we will consolidate your order by mail.

Are you interested in the giveaway and the RB39 radios? Come and go ahead.



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