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Ham radio, satellite phone, and cell phone, which is the best communication tool in an emergency?

Communication tools are an important but easily overlooked issue. Many were told to set up an emergency call number on their mobile phone or download a rescue APP to get help the fastest in an emergency. And many people will have a satellite phone ready for any call. It can be said that ham radio is a relatively small and concentrated means of communication. Which is the best communication tool in an emergency?


The pros and cons of cell phone, satellite phone, and ham radio

We always compare ham radios with cell phones, some other people said satellite phone is also a good choice. It is true. But the usage of cell phones, ham radio, and satellite phones is different.
When we use mobile phones as our primary means of communication, the most important conditions are that the cell base stations are not damaged, and the power grid is sufficient. Just like with COVID-19, we can use our phones as our primary communication tool at home.
But when we don’t have access to mobile phones, when we need to communicate across cities, for example, to check in with our families, we need satellite phones more. Of course, satellite phone calls are expensive and not suitable for frequent use. But if you are a rich man, none of this is a problem.
And finally, our protagonist, Ham Radio. It is best suited for short-distance frequent communication, such as rescue, patrol, information transmission.
For example, in areas where tornadoes are prevalent, we have to wait in the basement, and we need more accurate information about what’s going on outside the house. We use radio to communicate with our neighbors, with the community, and even with rescue teams and members. You can also listen to the FM radio for more information. Many security and rescue groups, companies, and organizations are willing to use HD1 and RT3S in their works. So, you can communicate with them quickly.


In short, in the event of an infrastructure-friendly disaster, mobile phones can still be handy. Such as large-scale population migration, infectious diseases, financial crisis, unemployment, and so on.
Satellite phones can be used where long-distance(cross-city or country), infrequent calls are required and there is some financial support (expensive equipment and communication costs).
Frequent calls, preferably with a license, the price is slightly lower, not satisfied with simple calls of the crowd, must use Ham radio.

So in terms of usage, not everyone needs an amateur phone, but we recommend that everyone have at least one communication tool to replace the mobile phone. And if you think Ham radio can fit your needs, then, you can learn more about how to use it in an emergency.

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