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How To Handle Walkie Talkie Static Sound ?

Wireless intercom whether handheld radio, repeater or car radio, during communication, or affected by external noise such as Walkie Talkie Static Sound, and interference in the transmission of data the Central Standing Committee. Severe cases will lead bad quality, data transmission interrupted, unable to work. Such radio interference for the user in terms of the most vexing problems.

Why u receive the Walkie Talkie static sound ?

The static you hear is noise generated by free electrons in the atmosphere interacting, as well as ionizations occurring due to solar energy. This static is most noticeable in AM radios because they are caused by the random spiking as electrons interact with each other and such

Common interference phenomenon co-channel interference, adjacent channel interference, band interference, intermodulation interference, such as several. Learn more about the interference of knowledge proposed protective measures to reduce the impact of interference on communication is helpful.



Retevis H777 walkie talkie static sound
Retevis H777

And now, how to handle your walkie talkie static sound ?

Here is some tips.Specific methods operation as follows,

1.This channel is occupied by too many people ,u can try tochange the channelor make the frequencies to encrypt (CTCSS)
2.Adjust squelch important !
3.Adjust your distance range , The greater the distance, the weaker the signal, the greater the static sounds.
4.Your walkie talkie is running out of power,sometimes, poor power will influence your call quality,so pls keep full power.
5.Interference with other radio signals,maybe your telephone ,maybe other strong radiowaves.


All right ! Sincerely our blog can help u solve your problem, because many customers ask this question , if our answer is not perfect, pls don’t hesitate to tell us your valuable words.

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7 thoughts on “How To Handle Walkie Talkie Static Sound ?”

  1. How about pulsing static? We have about 20 walkie talkies in the store here and today a handful of them are cutting in and out rhythmicly, like: tsh tsh tsh tsh tsh. It’s a very steady pulsing of static and it’s on about half the walkies today, some worse than others. Could it be nearby construction? What would affect almost all our radios in such a consistent manner and only on certain days and not other days? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello,

      Probably some other groups are using same frequency as what you use, please change a channel to communicate(with different frequency). Please increase the squelch figure in radio(by software), to filter some small undesired signals. Also it’s possible in your surroundings, there’s strong signal there, this way, please try to change to another place for communication. Because this signal is too strong to avoid.thanks!

  2. Labros Dulos

    I would like to know if any one knows if a Motorola two-way radio is turn off but its placed on top of our base radio in out office can do interference when the base radio transmitting? Thank you !

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