Have you considered walkie talkie can distinguish by sex?

Have you considered walkie talkie can distinguish by sex?

If the walkie talkie can distinguish by sex, I think maybe Retevis RT20 is for woman, RT15 is for man.

We see a lot of customers buying walkie talkie for family or for working, they buy kids Radio for children, buy RT22,RT23,H777 for other members .

Sometimes, Members will feel why can’t we have a mini radio, it is storable and portable so that we can bring it everywhere? Especially for women, we can free our hands.

Then, RT15 & RT20 was born.
RT20 is a mini Indoor FM business radio, slivery body, very beautiful, you can hung them around your neck.You can use it whether your family, school, traveling or working.

And the VOX function will let you talking with your companions freely. You also can use earpiece & Listen to the FM Radio FM 87-108MHz.

RT15 is still the classic black, unique and intricate design, make it looks very cute. And it have a firm Belt Clip for easy portability.

Both of them have a small body, the sizes is a half of iphone X(RT20 is 89x51x15mm,RT15 is 136x59x21mm).

it can talking with each other with the same channel, no need any programming.

A common feather of RT15 & RT20:

Mini body, small and light, compact, easy one-handed operation;
High quality batteries for long time calls;
USB Type-C jack, support multiple charging methods.
Multiple functions,keystrokes easy,convenience
More about RT15 & RT20, PLS click:

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