The Important Function of Ailunce HD1

Ailunce HD1 as amateur wireless radio, it has many interesting and amazing functions.

Maybe there have some customers still cannot operate the radio well and let the functions work well.

Today let us talk about the functions of Ailunce HD1.

Basic Functions of HD1

Dual-Band: HD1 can support work in UHF Band:400mHZ–480mHZ and VHF Band: 136mHZ–174mHZ.

Dual mode: HD1 can work in the DMR mode and Analog mode.

Long press the EXIT button, switch the DMR and FM.

Adjustable Power Function: The working power of HD1 can be adjusted, there have three levels, high, middle, low.

In VHF mode, the power can be chosen to 10W, 5W or 1W.

In UHF mode, the power can be chosen to 8W, 4W, or 1W.


The Address Book of HD1 can storage 100,000 contacts, include call type, contacts alias, country, province, city, callsign, radio ID.

Priority Contacts: HD1 can storage 1,000 contacts.

LCD color display: The screen of HD1 is an LCD color display, and you also can set a picture as the power-on logo.

VFO mode and Channel mode:

In the channel mode, you can choose the channel you set in advance, and some information cannot be modified.

In the VFO mode, the frequency, contacts, work mode, ID, color code can be modified by the front keypad.

Channel: HD1 has 3,000 channels, you can program them in the software or on the keypad.

Three channel display ways: you can set the frequency, name or channel number.

High-capacity Li-ion Battery: HD1 has a 3200mAh high-capacity lithium battery, you can use it all day.

The special function of HD1

FPP(Front Panel Programming): Under VFO mode, almost all the operations can be done via the front keypad.

IP 67 waterproof and dustproof

Three Work Mode: Repeater、Simplex、Double Slot(DCDM)

Both the simplex and double slot mode are the direct mode.

But in the simplex mode, the time slot does not work.

The repeater mode needs to set the same information as the repeater correctly.

Three scan mode:

time scan: In this mode, after scanning the signal, the radio stops and accepts for 5 s, and then the scan is continued.

carry scan: In this mode, after scanning the signal, the radio stops the scan and continues to receive the signal until the signal disappears, and continues to scan again after 5 s.

Search scan: In this mode, after scanning the signal, the radio stops the scan and receives the signal. Even the signal disappears,the radio will not continue scan and stops at this frequency.

Two scan ways: HD1 has two Scan ways, All Channels Scan and Zone Scan.

All Channels Scan can scan all the channels you set and check the Add to Scan option.

It means that the Scan Add option is work in all channels scan ways.

The Zone Scan is just scanning one zone you added.

The zone you can add and set in the software.

GPS Function: This function is can be chosen in the HD1 software and on the keypad.

You can choose to receive GPS signal only, receive GPS signal only, or receive and send the GPS signal at the same time.

The GPS timing report time option can control the HD1 send the GPS signal to some radio every few seconds.

Repeater mode and Talkaround mode: Set a channel as a repeater mode channel.

If you check the Default to Talkaround function option, the channel will become a simplex channel,

The transmit frequency become the same as receive frequency.

And then define the side key to switch Repeater mode and Talkaround mode.

Push the side key, the radio will get into repeater mode to receive the repeater signals.


Ailunce HD1 has a lot of DMR radio functions, and it also has its own unique features.

The high power, the high-capacity li-iron battery, IP67, and so on.

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