Heavy Duty 2 Way Radio RT29 FAQ

Heavy Duty 2 Way Radio RT29 FAQ

Heavy Duty 2 Way Radio RT29, is the single band UHF or VHF waterproof walkie-talkie. It has high power, so the communication range is longer than the lower power radios.

RT29 is not only the high-power radio but also the long standby walkie-talkies. Because it has a 3200mah large capacity battery. And the body design with military standards, so also the anti-fall and anti-friction functions.

High power Heavy Duty 2 Way Radio RT29

Here we list some common questions and answers to help you to know more about this waterproof high power Heavy Duty 2 Way Radio RT29

1, What’s the dimensions of RT29, and how tall is the antenna?

The Dimensions of RT29 LxWxH: 1.49 inchx2.55 inchx5.94 inch. (3.8 cmx6.5 cmx15.1cm). And the antenna is 5.5in /14cm.

2, Are RT29 the IP67 waterproof radio?

Retevis RT29 has the IP67 waterproof version, if you want to order the ip67 one, click here to order

3, Do you need a license?

yes, RT29 is not a license-free radio, so you should have the license.

4, What’s the range of RT29 walkie-talkie?

As we know, the walkie-talkie’s range may be affected by the terrain and the environment. So for RT29, it will reach 3-5 miles under ideal conditions.

5, Can I program the RT29 to make it work with the base station and repeater?

Yes, you can program the Heavy Duty 2 Way Radio RT29, but before ordering, please check your base station frequency, then choose the right band (UHF or VHF).

6, Where Can I get the programming software?

Retevis offers FREE programming software, you can download from the RT29 product page. Click support to find the firmware/software to download.

7, How to get the programming cable?

Programming cable will help you to program your RT29, so you need to order one with your radio, click here to get the programming cable for RT29.

8, What type of antenna is compatible with this RT29 radio?

You need to choose the SMA-F antenna for RT29 radio. And we also sell the RT29 antenna, you can check this SMA-F high gain antenna


At last, here is the review from youtube.

The high power portable radio for  Emergencies, SHTF & The Coming Apocalypse – Retevis RT29 High-Power HT


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