High power walkie talkie RT86 gives you more choice!

Retevis high power walkie talkies include RT29, RT81, RT50, RT1. Now, high power radios family add a new member-RT86.RT86 is high power walkie talkie, make it easier for you to communicate with your party, even in areas where your mobile phones cannot get reception. if you are planning to go on a long trip, hiking, camping or just want to take part in some outdoor adventure, we highly recommend that you get it for your needs. Here are some highlights of RT86.

1. High power and comes with a 2600mAh battery.

A long walkie talkie is precisely what it sounds like, simply a walkie talkie engineered to offer you an extensive range of clear transmission and easy reception. High power radio will supply long-distance communication, don’t worry about traveling or working outdoors. The sturdy, durable shell makes it look like the best standard for outdoor work and travel.

2600mAh battery has a long standby time, even if you use it for a long time, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

2. Channel-lock function prevent misoperation

Many customers like the channel lock function, this function can prevent employees from operating the walkie-talkie by mistake and improve communication efficiency.

How to realize it?

Press and hold the definition key set with the channel lock function for 2 seconds, the radio will emit

a beep to indicate that the channel lock function is enabled, and the channel adjustment cannot be

performed at this time. Repeat the operation to turn off the channel lock Features.

3. SOS function makes work safer.

When you working outdoor or traveling, security is very important. If you occur some problems, please press the alarm function, others will hear and save you. Press and hold the definition key with the alarm function set for 2 seconds to turn on the alarm

function, press the PTT button to cancel the alarm. Press the PF1

4. Wireless copy function, let your partners talk with you more convenience!

Other features:

1.4-inch Hidden screen, One whole. Simple and practical.

Built-in flashlight in the body, easy to use in an emergency.

VOX and Monitor

Frequency Hopping and etc.

RT86 is a cost-effective machine, have you look: https://www.retevis.com/High-Power-Long-Standby-Wireless-Copy-Flashlight-Two-Way-Radio#A9207A

If you have any questions about high power walkie talkie please contact partner@retevis.com freely!

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