How do Retevis radios help communication on construction?

On-site two-way commercial radios are a great solution for managing all assets and operations while working on a project. Because they provide instant communication between supervisors and employees, creating a more efficient and productive work environment. So, how can retevis matetalk radios help construction sites?

Communication issues in construction sites

1.Safety issues

The construction site is a workplace where accidents can happen at any time. So, safety is the top priority. Managing health and safety in the construction sector is an ongoing challenge. Many events are unforeseen and the construction industry has higher casualty rates than any other industry. So construction organizations must be able to communicate, manage and mitigate risks with field operators through effective communications solutions.

2. Communication and coordination issues

On any construction site, communication is key to completing your project on time. Construction sites or engineering sites usually have the characteristics of large area, noisy environment, mixed personnel, and so on. Thankfully, two-way wireless communication systems solve this problem.

The Advantages of Using Walkie-Talkies in Construction Sites

1. Convenience:

The use of walkie-talkies at construction sites allows all relevant personnel to communicate with each other at any time and anywhere. At the same time, individual calls between multiple groups can also be realized.

2. Rapidity:

Information dissemination is timely and fast, which is conducive to the close contact and overall command of various departments on the construction site.

3. Economical:

The walkie-talkie does not incur call charges. For the actual demand of frequent calls at the construction site, costs can be reduced and expenses saved.

4. Stable contact:

The walkie-talkie does not require network support, and you can talk freely by pressing the button. This can overcome the shortcomings of mobile phone communications that are easily affected by factors such as geographical location, weather, signal, and the other party’s power off or refusal to site


Which MateTalk two-way radio is right for your construction site?


Retevis RT29 has an IP67 waterproof rating. The IP67 rating means its waterproof performance is of high quality. Retevis RT29 is equipped with a 3200 mAH Li-ON rechargeable battery to power the device. This means you’ll have enough power to use your walkie-talkie all day long. It also has a squelch feature to ensure your communication lines are clear and transmitted with minimal to no unnecessary noise.


Retevis RB48 radio is designed for tough workplaces. It is impact resistant and can withstand impacts without breaking. They also have an IP67 waterproof rating, which protects against sprays and splashes from all directions. These walkie-talkies have simple keypads, are easy to operate.  RB48 also has a VOX voice function for hands-free communication, and an emergency alarm button for timely rescue in dangerous situations.


Retevis RT81 is an IP67 waterproof radio, and the radio is also dustproof. RT81 features a variety of communication methods, including private calls, group calls, and digital calls. Therefore, it becomes easier for users to trade and transfer information. RT81 features an encryption system that protects the security of all communications.

Industries That Utilize MateTalk TwowayRadios for Communication

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