How RT24 walkie talkie communicate with RT45

RT24 walkie talkie and RT45 are both PMR radios which can be used freely in Europe area. You don’t need to worry about the license. They are suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as homes, restaurants, fleet links, fields, forests, expeditions, warehouses, parks, camping, shopping mall, skiing, marinas, ships, and so on.

RT45 has LCD display, and you can see the channel and CTCSS/DCS code on the screen. But RT24 don’t have a display, so you couldn’t see the settings directly.

But if you would like them to communicate with each other, it is very easy to operate.  No need a programming cable.

The frequency of each channel for RT 45 is stable and equal with RT24. And RT45 has the display.

Here is the default frequency of the RT24 walkie talkie:RT24 default frequency











Here is CTCSS/DCS table for the RT45(38CTCSS and 83DCS):

83 DCS for RT45



















For example: When you turn RT24 to channel 1, the frequency is 446.00625, then on walkie talkies RT45 you also select channel 1.

For the RT24 walkie talkie, you can see the CTCSS on channel 1 is 114.8, you may find the corresponding number on the RT45 is 16. You need to set the CTCSS of RT45 to number 16.

Now they can communicate with each other.

License-Free Radio Retevis RT24


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