How to activate the VOX function on Retevis RT69

Most Retevis radios have VOX function, Retevis RT69 is one of them.

When the VOX function on the walkie-talkie is activated, you do not need to press the PTT key. Because the VOX function can directly start the transmission operation by voice, which can effectively release the user’s hands. So our communication will get more simple and convenient!

Retevis considers the user’s habits in some special occasions, support the VOX voice control intercom function. When using this function, users can wear a special headset, which enables users to realize voice information transmission without pressing the PTT key. It can effectively release users’ hands, making communication more convenient.

Retevis RT69 software interface
Retevis RT69 software interface

Then here are the steps of activating the VOX function on Retevis RT69:

1: Read the radio.

2: Find the VOX function, and put the checkmark in the blank.

3: For the VOX  level, pick a median is better, then you will not worried about activating by mistake.

4: write to your radio!

Then follow the instructions on the guide book:

RT69 guide book instruction of VOX function
RT69 guide book instruction of VOX function


And now you can use your voice to activate it!

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1 thought on “How to activate the VOX function on Retevis RT69”

  1. I have the RT669 PMR446 walkies, the C9018A cable and RT669 programming software.

    I can read the data from the walkie, but when recording, it does not record the frequencies. They are left blank and the device is unusable. Beep on all channels. It only records the top panel options (language, VOX, etc), but not the frequencies.

    I have also tried with the RT69 software with the same result.

    Solution please.

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