How to become a radio Amateur in the UK?

This article will tell you how to become a radio Amateur In the UK.

Because operate the Ham radio in the UK, first you need to be the radio Amateur.

What is amateur radio?

The RSGB defines amateur radio as a “technical hobby for people who want to learn about, use and experiment with wireless communications”.

It is the hobby and exclusively non-commercial, learn about radios and communicate with other radio amateurs around the world.

How do I become a radio amateur?

1, Hold a Licence issued by Ofcom or qualify under the international arrangements

You need to pass an examination at the corresponding level, to demonstrate that you have the skills to use amateur radio at that level. The examinations are administered by the Radio Society of Great Britain (‘RSGB’)

2, Each level of examination builds on the last.

This means if you want to get the intermediate-level examination, you must first pass the Foundation examination.

To sit the Full-level examination, you must first pass the Foundation and Intermediate

3, There is no requirement for radio amateurs to hold each class of licence

If you pass all three examinations at once, you may apply immediately for a Full Licence, no need to apply for a Foundation and/or Intermediate Licence first.

How hard are the examinations?

1, The Foundation examination is multiple choice.

Test the knowledge of basic technology and terms and conditions of UK Amateur Radio License.

2, The Intermediate examination has two parts: practical assessmentand multiple-choice.

The practical assessment includes basic practical electronics

3, The Full examination is a demanding multiple-choice test of radio and electronics theory.

4, Issued a Candidate number by RSGB when passing one of the examinations.

Then you can use that number to apply for a license from Ofcom:

What fees does Ofcom charge for the Amateur Radio Licence?

1, If an applicant obtains an Amateur Radio License from Ofcom, it is issued free of charge.

2, If an applicant submits a paper application form, charge a single( not annual) free of 20, to offset some of the costs involved.

3, However, the fee for an Amateur Radio (Full) (Temporary Reciprocal) Licence is £20, payable when the licence is first issued and again, on each subsequent renewal.


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  1. Ernie Travers

    Hi, Would it be possible to to study for the Amateur Radio License online and then to take the exam online. I have heaps of free time and Ham Radio is something that I have always been interested in but, until now, have not had the time to pursue. Ideally I would like to go as far as is sensible and do enough to make the hobby enjoyable and beyond.
    Thanks and keep safe.

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