How to choose economic noise reduction ways

In a noise environment, you need a noise reduction headset to work with radio together
As we know, there’re many noise reduction headsets for option, do you know how to choose economic noise reduction ways?

Noise-Canceling Finger PTT Headphone Headset

economic noise reduction ways

This is a typical Noise-Canceling headset, it can transmit and receive voice from the other radios when it connects a radio
Kenwood two pins connection, if you need the other connection we also can provide. The price of this headset is relative higher

Noise Reduction Earmuff Headset

economic noise reduction earpiece RB85

It’s a noise-Canceling earmuff, there’s an audio Line available in the original package box, if you buy an adapter cable C9061A, the noise-Canceling earmuff can connect the radio together. At the moment, you find it’s a more economic noise reduction way. the only disadvantage is the earmuff can’t directly transmit voice as it hasn’t a microphone, but it’s no problem to receive voice, In shooting training, the noise-Canceling earmuff is a very great option

RB85 intelligent noise reduction radio

It’s the most economical noise reduction way, the radio has an intelligent noise reduction feature, so you needn’t an external Noise-Canceling headset. You can learn more about this radio by this link:

Discover the Real Intelligent Noise Reduction Radio-Retevis RB85

Besides these noise reduction ways above, sure, there’re more other economic noise reduction ways, if you know more, or you would like to learn more about Retevis noise reduction headsets, welcome to email us for discussion

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