How to get original RT3S settings-laura-5

How to get original RT3S settings

How to get original RT3S settings

Retevis RT3S is a DMR Dual band Radio , Dual Time Slot, 2000mAh high battery capacity, Long range handheld, GPS or non-GPS can be chosen from. It has always been loved by consumers.

Some consumers may have lost the Retevis RT3S default factory settings file due to computer replacement or other problems. And the parameters of their radios have been changed.

At this time, how to get back the original frequency settings of Retevis RT3S?

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1/Software and USB driver

You can open the website and click the support, you will find the corresponding software, choose your radio version and download:

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(If you don’t have the programming cable, you can buy it through the link directly : J9110P:

2/Unzip the folder

After unzipping the RT3S software folder, you can see the factory frequency file of RT3S.

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3/Reset the frequency

After connecting the walkie-talkie to the computer with a programming cable, choose the com port,  then open the factory frequency file in the software. Finally,  write it into the walkie-talkie.  Then you will reset the RT3S.

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