How to get RT43 to communicate with RT3S?

Retevis radio RT43 and RT3S are Digital Mobile radio, they are both digital  and analog compatible , which can be a good match for business use.  If you want to have private call, they both have the encryption function.  Now we give you a guide about how to get RT43 to communicate with RT3S.

First program the RT43 software:

You can download it here: 

Open the website and click” Support”, you will find it.

1,Open the software of RT43: Let’s set a four group call as an example:


2,Then set 4 channel corresponding to the  4 groups call : all choose digital channel

3,Click “more ” for each channel:  choose the corresponding group contacts name:


4, Then move all the available 4 group contacts to the “Selected members”, save change to the radio.

Second open the RT3S software:

You can download it here:

1,Set all the 4 channel info same as RT43 :all choose digital mode and the contact name also same as RT43 Group list also choose group list one.

2, Choose zone 1 and move all the group contacts to the “Channel Member A” and “Channel Member B”

3,Click “digital RX group call”, select all the available contacts to the contact member: and save the change to the radio. The RT43 can communicate with RT3S.

4, If you want them to have encryption , choose the ” Privacy” on each radio and choose the basic or enhanced code you set. and the two radio code must be set the same.

Tips: For digital radio, you also need choose the right programming cable before program the software.

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