How to make RT81 communicate with RT87?

RT81 is our waterproof walkie talkie, it is analog&digital model radio, it means that it not only compatible with analog radios,but also can communicate with digital walkie talkies.Some customers maybe don’t know how to make them compatible with each other, So how to make RT81 communicate with RT87?What should we ready for? Let’s demonstrate it together.

1. What should we need?

RT81, RT81 program cable C9018A,here is the link on our website:  RT87,RT87 program cable J9137P, here is the link:, a computer

2. Here is the link:,please download RT81, RT87 software ,USB universal driver from this link freely.

3. After you install RT81 software, please connect your RT81 to your computer tightly, use the RT81 program cable.

4. After you install the software, now we can program RT81.

Please write RT81, such as,we write TX: frequency: 400.075MHz, RX: 400.0750MHz, DEC/EMC:None, Please note that,must select channel type is “analog type”, since RT87 is analog radio. As is the following picture shows:

5. After you write, please click”device-write”

6. Then we will program RT87, as the same steps,connect your RT87 with your computer, use RT87 program cable, write the same TX/RX frequency as RT81, 400.075/400.075MHz, and Encode, Decode is None.

Then please try it,  RT81 can communicate with RT87.

Have you understood it? Please try it? If you have any questions, please contact me freely!

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