How to make RT86 communicate with RB689-laura-7

How to make RT86 communicate with RB689

How to make RT86 communicate with RB689

Recently I received an email from Rita, the content of the email is probably “Is the RB689 compatible with the RT86? Can they used to speak to each other?” The answer is yes. Maybe other customers have this problem too. So do you know how to make them communicate with each other?

1/let’s briefly look at these two walkie-talkies:

RT86 is an analog long range Handheld UHF Radio, with 1.4 inch Digital Tube hidden screen , and 2600mAh Large Battery Capacity.

RB689 is also an analog long rang UHF radio, with bluetooth headset and hidden display, and 2600mAh high battery capacity.

2/ How to make RT86 communicate with RB689:

1.Software and USB driver

You can open the website and click the support, you will find the corresponding software and download :



2.Programming cable

Both RT86 and RB689 are Kenwood two-pin walkie-talkies, and their programming cable are the same, as shown below:

And you can also buy it through the link directly:  C9018A


Please use the programming cable to connect the walkie-talkie to the computer, open the corresponding walkie-talkie software, choose the COM port. And  then reprogramme same frequency and CTCSS/DCS to make them communicate with each other,like the picture:

After programming, write them into the corresponding walkie-talkies respectively.

If you have any questions or interest in the radios, please feel free contact,thanks.



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